Saint Anna Greek Orthodox Church

The Saint Anna Greek Orthodox Church campus site in Roseville, CA, has existed since its initial build in 2004. Nineteen years later, the House of Worship has expanded by 7,400-square-feet. This build consisted of adding the Sanctuary Building adjacent to the already, in place Founders Hall. Using a series of gravity retaining walls the building rises ninety-feet above East Roseville Parkway. It features a structural steel turret with a clear span of sixty-feet. The new building, modeled in the Byzantine style, is connected to the existing Founders Hall by an accessible and covered breezeway; this breezeway allows community members to utilize both facilities for services and campus functions. The Sanctuary Building ties perfectly into the Founders Hall using arches, clay tile roofing, and masonry. The main sanctuary and bell tower domes are topped with gold leaf crosses. Remaining faithful to tradition, the hand-carved wood doors, casework, religious finishings, and bell were imported from Greece.

Project at a Glance